Bighorn Showdowns - DVD Volume 3


Bighorn Showdowns - DVD Volume 3


First of its kind to cover all the behaviors of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

"This is the most educational and entertaining film on the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep."
— Neil Thagard, Wild Sheep Foundation

One of the most exciting rituals in all of nature is the annual rutting season of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Filmmaker Leon Lorenz takes you off the beaten track of Jasper National Park and into its wilderness areas to film their unique behaviors. He also takes you into Cadomin, Alberta where some of the largest rams live. Watch close and exciting wild action as they engage in spectacular confrontations.

On cliffs the 18 month old yearlings display a "catch me if you can" attitude as they literally run circles around the mature rams which are in pursuit of the ewes. Their agility and youthful energy make for very exciting chases. See rams being rolled over, tee-boned down mountains, knocked over cliffs, coyotes interacting with a herd of sheep and so much more.

This video is the first of its kind to cover all the behaviors of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep throughout the rutting season. It truly brings out the strength, finesse and majestic beauty of these animals. All age groups will find it very entertaining and educational.

This video can be categorized as a:

  • Wild sheep video
  • Bighorn rams fighting video
  • Bighorn sheep rutting video

Length: 45 Minutes

DVD packaged in black library plastic case with full color insert and shrink wrapped.

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