Feathered Friends - Stream + Download Volume 4


Feathered Friends - Stream + Download Volume 4


"It's a glorious, stunning piece of work, the gold sifted from one videographer's lifetime of experience out of doors."

— Diane Porter, www.birdwatching.com

From soaring eagles to tiny hummingbirds growing up in a nest we humans have marvelled at the design and beauty of these feathered creatures. Film-maker Leon Lorenz has captured rare and exciting footage of birds and you are invited to experience it as well.

A true call of the wild is the drumming of a male ruffed grouse which attracts a mate and a hungry coyote. A mother white-tailed ptarmigan with new born chicks allows Leon with his camera to approach within 24 inches, but a protective northern goshawk will dive-bomb him because of her nest nearby. A bald eagle attaching geese or drowning a duck-it's all in a days work! Robins attacking an owl, ospreys fishing, golden eagles hunting and other birds of prey in action are all filmed for your enjoyment. Many species of birds that have young in nest include the American dipper, bald eagle, eastern kingbird and cedar waxwing.

Dr. Edgar T. Jones of Edmonton, Alberta has been banding birds since 1940. He uses nets to capture many species including the northern saw-whet owl and sharp-shinned hawk. He shares a wealth of knowledge on this subject. Mark Williams, president of the Falconry Association of Alberta sheds light on this ancient sport and his peregrine gyr falcon cross takes a duck at high speed. Lets all be good stewards of our planet so we can enjoy our feathered friends for all times.

This video can be categorized as a:

  • Falconry video
  • Wild bird video
  • Bird banding video
  • Birds of prey video
  • Birds of western Canada video  

Length: 46 Minutes

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