Journey Home of the Chinook Salmon - DVD Volume 6


Journey Home of the Chinook Salmon - DVD Volume 6


The first film of its kind on the returning Chinook salmon on the greatest salmon producing river in the world, the Fraser River. 

Rated 10 / 10 by the Pacific Salmon Foundation.
"Journey Home features some of the most unique and exciting footage of the Fraser River Chinook. Congratulations to Leon for his dedication to salmon and cinematography."

Journey Home is an incredible story of the Chinook salmon on the greatest salmon river in the world, the Fraser River. The Chinooks return to spawn in their natal stream or river against many dangers and obstacles such as fishing operations, hungry bears, rapids and waterfalls. For some it will take months to travel nearly 1300 km to make it home where the final chapter of their lives will unfold.

Wildlife filmmaker Leon Lorenz dedicated eight spawning seasons to capture some of the rarest and most exciting scenes ever filmed on the spawning grounds of this magnificent fish. Watch close underwater spawning action, huge Chinooks being caught by bald eagles, grizzly and black bears and see so much more in this complex ecosystem. Fisheries and Oceans Canada monitor and help the salmon population through various ways including test fishing, fishery officers, counting, tagging and hatchery operations.

The journey home for the Chinook salmon wasn't easy and those that spawned fulfilled their final purpose in life. Man, animals, birds, fish, trees, plants, insects and microorganisms all benefit from this very valuable renewable resource, the Chinook salmon.

This video can be categorized as a:

  • Chinook salmon fishing video
  • Predators and their prey video
  • Spawning Chinook salmon video
  • Fraser River Chinook salmon video
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada role video 

Length: 90 Minutes

DVD packaged in black library plastic case with full color insert and shrink wrapped.

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