Sheep and Grizzly Country - DVD Volume 5


Sheep and Grizzly Country - DVD Volume 5


"Leon's passion and fearless pursuit of grizzly bear, bighorn sheep and other large animal footage is an example of a very dedicated and seasoned master."
— Douglas Hutton, King Motion Picture Corporation

The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and grizzly bears live in some of the most spectacular and rugged country on the planet. Film-maker Leon Lorenz journeys into the Alberta Rocky Mountains and captures rare and incredible footage of a sheep fight that lasts for hours. The battle starts off with three rams against a very determined new comer to the band. The fighting of bighorns is one of the most exciting rituals in the mountains.

The mountain grizzly bears have only humans to fear as they roam the valleys and mountains that they call home. British Columbia has some of the best habitat for them and Leon has spent many years capturing close-up and seldom seen behaviors of these powerful and unpredictable animals that are born to be forever wild.

Grizzly bears have one of the lowest reproduction rates of any North American land animal and this is one of the leading reasons for their low numbers. They are a true symbol of the wilderness and their survival depends on how we humans will manage their population and care for the ecosystems.

This video can be categorized as a:

  • Grizzly bear encounters video  
  • Alberta wild sheep rutting video
  • British Columbia grizzly bear video

Length: 45 min

DVD packaged in black library plastic case with full color insert and shrink wrapped.

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