Wildest of the Wild - DVD Volume 7


Wildest of the Wild - DVD Volume 7


Wildest of the Wild showcases the wild side of nature and what it takes to be a dedicated wildlife filmmaker.  It was shot in the wilderness of British Columbia and Alberta on stunning High Definition.

Wildlife filmmaker Leon Lorenz always travels alone often carrying a 70 pound pack for his mountain trips in pursuit of rare and exiting animal behaviours.

Wild actions of moose and mule deer in the rut were captured but none as wild as a charging sow grizzly and her two year old cub.  This grizzly bear attack captured the attention of the news media worldwide.  Join Leon on his four year filmmaking adventure and you will be drawn into a wilderness feeling upon watching this movie.

This video can be categorized as a:

  • Wildlife video  
  • Predator video
  • Bear attack video  
  • Wildlife and Nature video 
  • Moose and deer rutting video
  • Bighorn sheep and elk rutting video 

DVD packaged in black library plastic case with full color insert and shrink wrapped

Length: 60 Minutes

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